Diamonds have always been adored for their timeless elegance. However, the diamond setting plays a crucial role in showcasing its brilliance and protecting its value. If you’re in the market searching for a diamond ring or any other gemstone jewellery, it is essential to understand the different diamond settings available at one of the top diamond jewellers, Hazoorilal.

In this blog, we’ll understand the different diamond settings and provide all the information that you may need before you make an informed decision.

Hazoorilal Diamond Jewellery Sets in India

Prong Setting

The prong setting is a classic setting that typically has four to six metal claws, which will ensure that your stone is secured and won’t budge at all. It also allows more light to enter, which makes the diamond shine even brighter. They are the best for showcasing the shape of the diamond. The prong setting can sometimes snag the clothes, which may not be the best option for some individuals. Yet, if you’re looking for some of the most gorgeous designs for diamond jewellery, Hazoorilal is your go-to choice for jewellery.

Bezel Setting

The bezel setting is one of the most popular settings, but it is not the most popular setting for your engagement ring in comparison with the claw setting. However, this type of setting is resurfacing as the most popular setting for modern brides. You’ll find this setting in vintage collections because of its long history. This ring is characterised as a metal ring, which helps hold the stone in place. This metal encasing slightly overlaps the edges of the stone and keeps it safe.

Channel Setting

The channel setting usually involves a row of small diamonds that are placed closely together with a channel of metal. You will generally find this setting in wedding bands or as accents on larger jewellery pieces. This setting will give you a seamless and gorgeous look, and it is the best setting for protecting smaller diamonds. If you find a diamond damaged in this setting, it will be very costly and challenging to replace that stone as compared to the prong setting. However, you will find this setting in jewellery at one of the leading diamond jewellers, Hazoorilal.

Tension Setting

The tension setting is a type of setting that is used to secure diamonds and gemstones in place with the use of pressure. It is a common setting that is used for diamonds that have a round or oval shape. It is the tension created by the metal that holds the stones in place, not the pressure applied to them. This is known to be a modern type of setting. In addition, it is considered an invisible setting. However, you can explore more such pieces with Hazoorilal, who is a provider of designer diamond jewellery set in India.

To conclude, you should always understand the various diamond settings before you make an informed decision. Whether you like classic diamond jewellery that has a prong setting or a modern tension setting, you may make your purchase aligned with the following factors: budget, occasion, lifestyle, and personal preference. And this is easily achievable with Hazoorilal, who is amongthe top diamond jewellers in India.